E-Payment of GST

How To Pay GST Online

It is really a simple process and can be summarised in a few points as follows:-

Let us understand the above steps in detail :

Step 1 : Login At GST Portal

We need to open the website www.gst.gov.in and then we need to enter the login id and password

Step 2 : Go to the Option “Services” – “Payment” – .................“Create Challan/Challan History”

We need to Select the Option Service
Then under the service option, there is one option for Payment, we need to select that
Further under the option Payment, there are multiple options as follows:-

Create Challan – This needed to be done, in case the amount of GST Payable is available

Saved Challan – In case the challan is only created without describing the option for payment, it will appear here

Challan History – we are explaining payment of GST for this particular option, here in this the challan is already created by our team and it only needed to be paid by selecting the relevant bank.

Step 3: Select the Challan if already created, or
.............. Make the Challan if already not created

Here we are describing the process, where the challan is already created and the payment only needed to be done.

Step 4: Select Method of Payment

Step 5: Login in to the Bank and Make the Payment

After selecting the bank, we need to make payment by logging into the bank

Sample copy of GST Challan after payment

For GST Payment, we need to login and then go to Challan history and need to select the bank for payment, and this is how payment can be completed.

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